About the project



The aim of the project „Bratislava is preparing for climate change – the pilot application of measures in ​​sustainable rainwater management in an urbanized environment“ was to increase the preparedness of the City of Bratislava for the negative impacts of climate change.

Due to climate change we already experience rise in temperature, more frequent summer heatwaves, periods of droughts that alternate with extreme rainfall, which can result in local pluvial floods. It is very likely that also other extreme weather events will increase in frequency such as whirlwinds, windstorms and snow calamities. Bratislava developed and approved the Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change in 2014 and the objective of this project is to contribute practically to its fulfilment.

The project was rewarded with a grant of the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area, Norway grants and the state budget of the Slovak Republic with a total amount of EUR 3 337 640 for the period 2014 -2017.

In total, there were 8 partners and with the Capital City of Bratislava Bratislava as main benefitiary. The other project partners were:  Bratislava City Borough – Nové Mesto, Bratislava City Borough – Petržalka, Municipal Forests, COWI (Norwegian partner), Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development, Bratislava water company, Municipal board for Nature and Landscape Protection, as well as the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava.

The result of the project is the implementation of concrete adaptation measures, which support sustainable management of rain water, improve local ​​microclimate conditions by increasing the retention potential of urban space and create new green areas or revitalize vegetation on selected squares and other types of public spaces, by creating green roofs and walls, or building sustainable drainage systems, etc.

At the same time, the implementation of a whole range of „non-investment“ activities was carried out, such as public counselling for sustainable management of rain water and a subsidy scheme for the purchase of rainwater management installations and sustainable drainage systems as a follow up activity. This way the City of Bratislava encourages households and building owners to increase the resilience of the city and protect it from pluvial floods and property damage.


Útvar hlavnej architektky, hlavné mesto SR Bratislava (2017)