Action plan for adaptation to climate change in Bratislava City

Action plan for adaptation to climate change in Bratislava City the Capital of the Slovak Republic

The aim and intent of the project „Bratislava is preparing for climate change – the pilot application of measures for sustainable rainwater management in an urbanized environment“ is to increase the resilience of the City of Bratislava for the negative impacts of climate change.

In 2012, the City Parliament in Bratislava approved the accession to the Covenant of Mayors with resolution no. 545/2012. The City parliament subsequently adopted with resolution no. 1658/2014 the accession to the „Mayors Adapt“ initiative, thereby supporting the climate change adaptation goals of the EU.  The Mayors Adapt is an initiative of the European Commission´s Directorate General Climate Action and emerges from the European Union Climate Adaptation Strategy adopted in April 2013.

Following the city´s Strategy for adaptation to climate change, the Action Plan for Adaptation to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change on Territory the Capital City of the Slovak Republic Bratislava, 2017-2020 was elaborated. The Action Plan for Adaptation takes into account the measures proposed under the Program of Economic and Social Development of the Capital City of SR Bratislava for the years 2010-2020 (PESD) and the Updates of the PESD´s Action Plans for 2016-2018 approved by the City Council in October 2016. The Action Plan is in line with the objectives of the Strategy and includes a set of specific measures, including identifying individual responsibilities and deadlines for monitoring compliance, as well as the possible sources of their funding. In the material, measurable indicators were proposed for each measure that allows the collection and evaluation of the information needed to fulfill the second commitment of the Mayors Adapt Initiative, which is reporting.

Given the needs of city development, the expected negative impacts of climate change on the city’s territory, the following sectors within which the adaptation measures will have to be implemented:

  • Health and quality of life,
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure,
  • Urbanized environment,
  • Rainwater and water resources,
  • Transport,
  • Energy (in connection with the Sustainable Energy Development Action Plan of HM SR Bratislava approved by Resolution No. 1405/2014).


Regarding the strategic objectives proposed in the Strategy for adaptation to climate change, the following strategic objectives were proposed for the Action plan:

  1. „Assess the vulnerability of the city to climate change“ – contains three cross-cutting measures for all sectors.
  2. „Adaptation to Climate Change and Local Policies of the City“ – contains 12 measures mainly for green and blue infrastructure (nine measures) and rainwater and water resources.
  3. „Climate-neutral city“ – contains eight measures for the health and quality of life sectors (three measures), energy (three measures), transport (one measure), green and blue infrastructure (one measure).
  4. „Awareness – information sharing – participation – cooperation“ – contains two cross-cutting measures for all sectors.
  5. „Climate change adaptation assessment“ – contains three cross-cutting measures for all sectors.


The Action plan contains a total of 27 measures (for all strategic objectives 1 to 6), which should be progressively implemented in three horizons:

– 15 short-term measures – over one to three years,

– 8 medium-term measures – over 3 to 5 years,

– 4 long-term measures – in a time horizon of 5 years or more.


The Action plan together with the periodic report are available for download on the following link (in Slovak):