Senior Home Archa – green roof installation




Creating a vegetation cover on the roofs of the buildings of the Senior home, or so-called “green roofs” was a feasible adaptation measure to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. A vegetation roof has a cooling effect and is also an effective measure in supporting sustainable rainwater management.

The cooling effect of vegetation (or green) roofs is mainly due to the evaporation of water from the vegetation layer, ability to reflect solar radiation and use of energy for the process of photosynthesis and accumulation of rainwater. Vegetable rooftops reduce the indoor temperature in the building by several ° C, especially in the areas directly under the roofs.


As for rainwater management, the vegetation layer retains precipitation for several ways. The comparison of a „classic“ roof with a green roof not only demonstrates the overall relevant run-off reduction, but also the differences in its distribution when the drain from the vegetation roof is delayed and occurs at the end of the rainfall period.

Creating green roofs has multiple positive effects. The main benefits are the reduction of temperature fluctuations while at the same time achieving a significant effect of rainwater retention, which leads to improvement of microclimate, supports biodiversity, etc. Last but not least, a significant aesthetic effect can be highlighted not only for the residents of the facilities themselves but also for the residents of the surrounding apartment buildings, who have a direct view of the roofs. Green roofs will also help in terms of protecting the roof sheath from UV radiation or mechanical damage.