The Chestnut Orchard „Gaštanica“ – new public space

The goal of restoring Gaštanica – the chestnut orchard, is to halt the degradation of its ecosystem, its renewal, stabilization and the development of a green area for recreation in an urban environment. More than 60 chestnut trees (Gastanea sativa) are in the park, but almost half of them have been attacked by the bark cancer caused by the parasitic fungi Cryphonectria parasitica. The primary goal of the city borough Nové Mesto was to restore and preserve the existing trees and secure their treatment, as well as plant new trees that will prevent soil erosion.

The site is located on a sloping terrain, so rainwater retention measures had to be implemented. These consist of infiltration trenches built in the direction of the terrain level lines, which keep rainwater in the area and prevent it from running into surrounding communications and into the built-up areas below the orchard. The reinforced surfaces are made of water-permeable concrete, which contributes to the reduction of the surface runoff especially during extreme precipitation and prevents from the accumulation of rainwater and problems with sewerage with not sufficient capacity to handle large amounts of rainwater.

Besides the revitalization, a relaxation zone with benches, gazebos, children’s playgrounds, fitness elements, space for dogs and information boards was created.