The Main and the Franciscian square – replacement and planting of new trees





On the basis of the “Principles of protection in sectors of monument reserves” and other factors, the City has developed a proposal for planting trees on the Main Square and replacing trees at the Franciscan Square. The placement of the plantings took full account of the historical and architectural features on these squares, as well as the urban, architectural and historical values of the area. Other limiting factors were archaeological monuments and infrastructure networks with their buffer zones. 


The requirement stated in § 48 of Act no. 543/2002 Coll. on Nature and Landscape Protection recommends planting mainly domestic species as part of replacement plantings. The same requirement was stated in the decision of the Regional Monument Authority of 13 February 2015. For the Main square basswood was chosen, which is a traditional tree of Slavs. It is present in many important, historic and landscape areas and squares. For these reasons, a small-leaved basswood has been proposed (Tilia cordata ‚Rancho‘). It is a cultivar that is one of the smallest, with a regular, broadly oval, youthful conical and dense crown. This cultivar thrives better in more difficult conditions than the original species and has a nice regular and even habitus, reaching a height of 8-10 m. Four trees were planted in specially prepared planting pits, with secured irrigation.

At the Franciscan Square, the ornamental pear tree (Pyrus calleryana ‚Chanticleer‘) was chosen. It is a decorative cultivar with a narrow conical crown that is well tolerated by the urban environment. Ten trees were planted in specially prepared plantings, protected by a decorative grill and with secured irrigation.


The original 40-60-year-old trees were in poor health and had a static disorder. Based on the assessment of their condition a safety cut of 11 trees was implemented in order to ensure their operational safety. Due to the blowdown of a single tree in the recent past that did not show any signs of damage, the next step was to replace the original trees with new healthy trees.