Námestie Hraničiarov – Frontiersmen square



„How I see Petržalka“ – this project shifted park architecture to a more modern, minimalist look, where the rectangular pavement is underlined by organic beauty of the green. The aim of the project and its implementation is to increase the aesthetic potential of the space through natural elements, to improve the usability of the park by the inhabitants and, last but not least, to create climate comfort in a busy place. The solution of the park respects to the maximum possible extent the condition of the original existing high green and the main pedestrian routes.

Reconstruction of the park has complex. Better quality materials were used for surfaces of the sidewalks, however, the overall area of paved surfaces was significantly reduced. The smooth passage through the park provides wider sidewalks, narrower walkways lead to more distant areas which offer relaxation and meditation possibilities. The whole proposal is designed to preserve the existing greenery as much as possible, and including newly planted 4 500 perennials and ornamental grasses, nearly 3 700 plants and up to 11 new deciduous trees. Islands of flowering flowers were formed, which add a significant seasonal dimension to the park. A total of 17 new benches and litter bins were added to the renovated square. The original lawn surfaces were revitalized, aerated and dosed.

As part of the renovation, an automatic irrigation system has been implemented to ensure that there is enough moisture for all plants. In order to reduce the maintenance costs associated with regular irrigation during hot summer months, a well was built that supplies the area with water.
One of the priorities of the reconstruction of the park was its environmental sustainability. Rainwater is directed from non-permeable surfaces into neighboring green grassy areas. This maximizes the catchment of rainwater on-site and prevents a loss of rainwater in the sewage system while reducing the burden on the sewage capacity, and last but not least, the cost of maintenance.