Pocket park Svoradová – new public space

The concerned territory is one of the last unsettled parts of the former so-called Palfy’s garden.
The area of the park has not been used for a long time prior to its revitalization. Thanks to its history and location, it had the potential to become a place of relaxation and short-term recreation not only for the inhabitants of the closest area but also for visitors from the wider surroundings of the Old Town.

In December 2014, a planning meeting with the public was held to inform about the future revitalization of the area, to present and complement citizens‘ opinions and input from the results of a public survey, all in order to design the future area together with citizens. Planning meetings and discussions with the public, as well as the results of the survey, have brought consensus on the main function and the elements of the future public space.

The strategic creation of green areas accessible to the general public has and will be of immense importance also in the future. This trend can be seen in cities that are not only preparing for climate change, but they have set the direction of their development in a sustainable direction. These include the Bratislava City Headquarters.

One of the „mysteries“ in this area are two round concrete tanks that are connected to a pumping device about which no archival data is available. It is believed these to be WW2 water tanks built for civil protection purposes.

The new public space – the pocket park Svoradova offers and preserves:
– natural character
– attractiveness for short-term recreation of different age groups
– supports social interaction in the community and strengthen ties within it
– space for cultural events and recreation
– its history and „mystery“
– helps to fulfill environmental and ecological functions in the area and promote biodiversity
– maximises the use of rainwater
– can serve as an external „study room“ and reading room with wifi
– provides space for outdoor cinema, music, theatre, exhibitions, installations, and other creative activities.