JAMA Sportspark – new multifunctional park

JAMA´s location is a spectacular park project with features of sports, recreation, leisure activities and urban greenery that improve the quality of life not only in local settings but also on the city level. The design of the park is a result of public anonymous architectural competition.
In terms of the size of the project, which has almost two hectares, as well as the amount of investment, it is the largest project in the city borough of Nové Mesto and is implemented by the municipality as such.

The park is divided into two zones. The upper „active“ zone features sights, sports areas such as a multifunctional playground, tennis courts, fitness machines, parchers, ping-pong tables and urban greenery. Active runners can find a running track, there is also skating track and a climbing wall in the park. In the lower „relaxation“ zone there is a pond, lush greenery, a natural outdoor theatre and a space for relaxation. The new park also includes a café, a summer reading room, a bicycle shop, as well as a concert podium and spaces where art exhibitions can take place.

The JAMA Sportspark project includes measures to adapt the urban environment to climate change. An important aspect of this leisure space is the way of water is managed. The rainwater from the non-permeable surfaces (and excess rainwater from other surfaces) is directed into a drainage system into the newly built artificial lake, which fulfills an aesthetic, climatic and water-catchment function. The reservoir also serves as a source of park irrigation. Two pumps using groundwater from a local source are also located in the park. An efficient network of drainage pipes allows drainage even during heavy torrential rains. The way water is handled in the park is unique within Slovakia. The construction of the park was realized in two stages due to the complexity of the whole process.