Železná studienka – revitalisation of blue infrastructure


Visitors to the popular Železná studienka can relax again not only in the pleasant shade of the surrounding forests but also in the vicinity of the restored water reservoirs, which also cool the surrounding environment. This is appreciated especially during the hot summer days in the city. Reconstruction of water reservoirs (ponds) no. 3 and no. 4 were implemented by the City of Bratislava within the framework of the project in cooperation with the Monumental Office of the Slovak Republic and the Municipal Forests company.

The reconstruction was focused on water management facilities – respectively, as they are of high historic importance. Newly built permissible and discharge objects on ponds no. 3 and no. 4 allow for further operation and functionality of the flow of water in and out of reservoirs. The reconstructed objects are able to re-fill the reservoirs and maintain the operating level in them by regulating the water flow or completely empty them.

Reconstruction of these facilities was preceded by rescue work of fish and other aquatic animals that were temporarily placed in the remaining water reservoirs at Iron well due to reconstruction work and temporary water discharge from reservoirs no.3. and no.4.